Do you charge hourly fees for your representation?

We usually charge at an hourly rate for Medicaid applications and re-determinations, probate and trust administration and for adult guardianship matters. This is because the nature of the work and the amount of time required will vary from client to client, and because it can be difficult to predict these variables in advance. We often set a minimum fee that represents our best estimate of the cost of providing those services. We will notify you as soon as we have an indication that the hourly billing will exceed the minimum fee. We will also show you our detailed work or billing entries so you can see the cause of exceeding the minimum fee. In some cases, we will also be required to submit our hourly billing records to a court for approval, and so we are more likely to charge an hourly fee in those cases. Our hourly rate varies depending on whether the work is performed by the attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and other professionals who work on your case. We bill in quarter of an hour increments, with a minimum charge of .25 hours for each activity. The rates we charge are detailed in your written fee agreement.

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