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Florida Law Only

This website is administered by Osterhout & McKinney, PA, a Florida Law firm. The courses are taught by Florida lawyers regarding Florida law. While many of the legal principals discussed have common application in other states in the USA, most if not all states have unique variations on these legal principals that can only be adequately addressed by a lawyer licensed in the applicable state. These courses are intended to give the student an understanding of the basic legal concepts so that they may be a better informed advocate and fiduciary.

No Attorney Client Relationship

These courses are not intended nor do they create a lawyer client relationship with any attorney instructor, the Osterhout & McKinney, PA law firm and the person watching or purchasing these course materials. A lawyer client relationship is only created when both parties agree to that arrangement. These courses are meant to provide practical examples of legal principals, but they will not nor can they ever consider every possible factual difference that exists in your circumstances. Even small changes in circumstances can change the analysis of any given situation. Only an actual attorney client relationship and advice can provide specific analysis to your life circumstances. When a lawyer client relationship is established, then communication between the lawyer and client are priviledged from forced disclosure and are very private. That does not apply to any communication related to this website. When a lawyer client relationship exists it creates an exclusive right of representation that prohibits representing someone that opposes you. Use of the materials or membership in this website does not create that exclusive right of representation, because there is not an attorney client relationship created through this website. Some people using this website do have an attorney client relationship with Osterhout & McKinney, PA independent of this relationship and have been given access to this website as an additional benefit. That relationship was separately established from this website.

Promised Access and Remedy

Memberships or courses are available for use indefinitely for as long as this website and service is provided by Osterhout and McKinney, PA. There is no right of recovery or damages for failure to provide access to the materials as they are simply a free add on benefit to clients or a free promotional material for non-clients.

Individual use / No Sharing

Membership or course use is unique to the individual and grants a license to the individual for their own personal use and does not grant the right to share the materials with any other person. It is at your risk to use these courses for any State or Jurisdiction other than the State of Florida.

Osterhout & McKinney, PA Clients

Osterhout & McKinney, PA clients are given a membership as a free added benefit to an existing attorney client relationship. You may watch any materials included in that membership yourself and share it with any advocate or fiduciary you have appointed in your estate planning documents for the purpose of increasing their ability to serve you. Any questions specific to your situation should still be directed to the law firm for true legal advice.

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