Protect Yourself and your Property with “Property Fraud Alert” Service

Are you an owner of real property in the tri-county area? If so, you should register yourself and your loved ones on this free “Property Fraud Alert” service.  Why?  Because according to the FBI, Property Fraud is becoming increasingly popular and oftentimes, it goes undetected. You may be wondering how does property fraud occur?  Typically, this happens when someone creates a fraudulent deed or mortgage that gives your property to someone else who has no legal right to the property. You would not even be aware that this happened, unless you are constantly reviewing the County Official Records Site. Thankfully, Lee County, Charlotte County, and Collier County have created a “Property Fraud Alert” which is a FREE service that sends you alerts of potential property fraud.  So, if someone records a deed, lien, or other land record, it will email you a notification within 24-48 hours. And, if the document is fraudulent, you can address it immediately. Signing up is easy and details on registering for this free service are below for each of the three counties.

Lee County:

Collier County:

Charlotte County:

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