Informed Delivery Fraud Prevention

We wrote several months ago about the Informed Delivery an electronic service provided by USPS which allows you to get a preview by email or App of what is going to be delivered to your home. You can see our discussion here. The main point of our discussion was to point to a tool that could help monitor your loved one who has impairments.

But with all great new tools, they come with risk of bad people using them for Elder Exploitation. This is demonstrated by the recent story from the PostalNews. A Florida man pleads guilty using Informed Delivery as part of his tools to get credit cards issued intercept them when delivered the victims home. See the story here.

What is our take away from this, well like many tools on the internet, once it is there, you sometimes have to go claim your presence so some other person does not. Even if you have no interest in getting a preview of your own junk mail. Having recently moved my home, I was pleased with the safeguards that the USPS used verify it was really me when I was changing my address and the use of Informed Delivery.

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