How Informed Delivery Can Help You Monitor Your Loved Ones Mail Remotely

Whether it is a bill, a card from a loved one, or a surprise gift, the USPS has an informed delivery feature that will email you images of the mail that is being delivered to your home each day! Now, you can get a sneak-peek of what mail is coming to you or your loved ones home remotely.  This can be especially useful if you are monitoring your elderly parents mail from a far. So, if you are caring for an elder, this feature will allow you to see what bills are coming, and be sure they are getting paid. The whole idea of the informed delivery is aimed to prevent mail theft and also to keep track of missing mail. If you are worried about identity theft, you should sign up so that a criminal cannot create an account for you or your loved one. So, how does it work?  You can sign up for this free service at You will have to input your (or your loved ones) information, and answer a few questions to verify identity. Once the verification is complete, the USPS will send emails or you may visit your dashboard and view the images of mail pieces addressed to your household. The entire process is quick and simple; and, with the holidays approaching, it is the perfect time to sign up. Best of all, it is free, with no cost to sign up and no additional charges. Take advantage of this valuable service and sign up here.

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