Hospital Price Transparency

Effective January 1, 2019, hospitals are now required to publicly post sticker prices online. So, if you are curious about what a hospital test or procedure will cost, you can check the hospital’s website to get an idea. Although the intention is to allow patients to compare prices across health care institutions, the codes and information provided are not always in the most readable format and can be often be the opposite of consumer friendly. Below are the online prices that we found for Lee Health, in Lee County. It is important to note that the listed prices may not always resemble the actual prices. This is largely due to the rates that the hospitals negotiate with insurance companies. But, it is definitely a step in the right direction towards price transparency.

If you or your loved one are ever in need of help reviewing medical bills, there are local professionals in our area that specialize in medical billing review. Stan Grigiski, for example, is a Certified Claims Assistance Professional that has extensive knowledge in the health insurance industry. His contact information is provided below.

Stan Grigiski
Medical Claims Service of SW Florida
923 Del Prado Boulevard, Unit 107
Cape Coral FL 33990
Main Phone: 239-772-2030
Fax #: 239-772-3621

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