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We learned a long time ago that if you want to provide complete solutions to clients that are not missing important considerations, you need to have a team approach. This has given us the opportunity to work with many professionals in our community. Sometimes they work directly in our field and provide care and assistance. We help you consider the best time of provider or professional for your needs. We often make referrals base on our past experiences with them. We can’t guarantee other persons’ work, so you should always continue to exercise good judgment in evaluating the performance of any provider (even your lawyer). We are happy to be that continued sounding board for you. We also help you find other lawyers when we are not the best fit for your needs.

If you consider the number of providers in our communities below you will see that this is one of the most helpful things we can do for you.

As of Dec. 2013 Charlotte County Collier County Lee County
Adult Day Care Center 2 Providers; 130 Beds 2 Providers; 101 Beds 7 Providers; 350 Beds
Adult Family Care Homes 24 Providers; 95 Beds 5 Providers; 22 Beds 19 Providers; 86 Beds
Assisted living Facilities 17 Providers; 1,017 Beds 23 Providers; 1,719 Beds 46 Providers; 2,773 Beds
Baker Act Facilities 2 Providers; 66 Beds 1 Provider; 28 Beds 2 Providers; 42 Beds
Home Health Agency 21 Providers 34 Providers 60 Providers
Homemaker and Companion Services 13 Providers 20 Providers 58 Providers
Hospitals 3 Providers; 699 Beds 5 Providers; 980 Beds 6 Providers; 1,614 Beds
Nurse Registries 3 Providers 10 Providers 22 Providers
Nursing Homes 9 Providers; 1,228 Beds 10 Providers; 908 Beds 19 Providers; 2,212 Beds

If you were not able to find an answer to your question, please contact Osterhout

Category: Services Provided

Each client will have an attorney and paralegal assigned to work with them. Our paralegals are experienced and dedicated to your case to keep track of each step in the process. We provide a direct dial number to the paralegal assigned to your affairs to make it easier to reach the person knowledgeable of your specific needs. They will often seek to answer directly your questions or if not able, then they will seek to get enough information to pass along to the attorney for further direction. The paralegals are not meant as a screening device but they are a knowledgeable part of the legal team that keeps your matter moving along. We do charge for their time on your matter (if not a flat fee arrangement), and they often make the cost of providing legal services more reasonable in comparison to other legal providers.

Category: Services Provided

The term Elder Law refers to the fact that many of the legal areas and knowledge has special significance to people reaching the age of retirement and accessing public benefits like Social Security and Medicare. The practice area also deals with the issues associated with aging like long term care, incapacity and dying. Clearly, these issues are not unique to people over 60. We serve many younger clients. These include children taking care of elderly parents, parents of impaired or disabled children as they transition into adulthood and people who want to plan for their own future incapacity or death.

Category: Services Provided
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